As I sit working this Monday evening, gazing out my window watching the stunning sunset dip behind the palm trees and the cool ocean breeze trickle in my window, it suddenly hit me "Toto, we aren't in Kansas anymore". In this modern fully-connected world, where the news cycle is anywhere from 15 to 22 seconds, it can be so tempting to bury our nose into our phones and forget about the beauty around us. To truly soak in where we are, where we've been and where we're headed. I want to take this moment to not only express immense gratitude for this journey but also publicly embrace "STRUC 2.0”.

As many of your know, STRUC began by chance, and we spent a lot of time in our beginning moments going full "Goldilocks" -- trying on different identifies until something felt just right. We always knew we were marketers, but who did we really want to work with? Whose name would be scribbled all over our 6th grade Lisa Frank notebook?

We worked with a lot of different types of companies and on a variety of projects. Some experiences were less than ideal, some ended up being an amazing alchemy of minds. We got clearer on what we wanted and our value: who can we help the most, what kind of businesses are just waiting for us to show up?

It's been some time since we went spelunking in our heart-cave and after our cross-country move early this year, we thought it high time to do some soul-searching.

"Who would we be if we stood on our soap box, encouraging clients and business's to innovate, pivot and change, if we ourselves stayed stagnant and grew stale?"

Surprise! Los Angeles is not New York. This may seem obvious to some, but it's an important distinction to make as we embrace our coastal move. How do Angelenos approach "work"? How do they spend their free time? Although our focus will always be on procuring new clients and working on awesome shit, our style has pivoted a bit. We are fully embracing all the green juice, yoga, sunshine and men-in-jogger culture that Venice is providing!

Not only is our culture evolving, but so is our desire to work with truly standard-bending minds and brands looking for some of that STRUC magic. We loved our classy cocktails parties and steamy summer nights in the Hamptons-- lobster roll from Surf Lodge anyone?-- but we are also fully admitting that our days are now full of high-top Vans instead of Louboutins. 

This is not to say that we've turned our backs on the Big Apple Forever. If fact, we're even currently working with a luxury brand based in NYC-- stay tuned for more info on that soon-- but rather, it's a firm planting of our SoCal Freak Flag in the sand saying "Hey, we have officially arrived in Venice and are here to stay!"

In the coming weeks we will be sharing all the awesome ayervedic-ghee-eating, stylish-sneaker-shopping, vegan-tequila-drinking, sunset-surfing-men you can stand!